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Trooper B.P. Potts Trooper Potts is amazing. I had a flat tire January 18th at 8 am. I was on my way to an early class and was stuck on the side of the freeway. He pulled over, got the spare from my trunk and began assisting me. When he did not have all tools he needed, he then offered to drive me to my class. A trucker pulled up who had all the tools necessary and got me back on the road within 10 minutes. Trooper Potts was kind, friendly and caring. The first question was not "License and registration", but "Are you ok?". He went above and beyond. He deserves kudos and a raise or promotion. Ida R. – Charlotte

Trooper M.G. Stuart This morning at 9:10-ish my tire broke on highway I-40 while I was driving to work. I panicked, and pulled my car at the Exit 261. While I was panicking and wondering, officer Stuart pulled his car over. He was very nice. With a much understanding voice and soothing tone, he offered to install the spare tire for me! I was so surprised that he actually pulled out his tool box from his car and put on the spare tire for me in just five minutes! Unbelievable! I feel so thankful, and the whole day turns bright on me. At the end, he also pointed out a few nearby places that I could get new tires. He also reminded to change the tire as soon as I can. He should be recognized by our community. Thank you so much, Officer Stuart! Liping L.

Trooper B.C Porter I would like to commend Trooper Porter for his impressive professionalism, nice demeanor and polite interaction. My son Jack Morris ran into the back of a small pickup truck on Highway 24 on 9 Jan 2013. He was not paying attention to a driver in front who slammed on brakes to avoid passing a slowing school bus. Trooper Porter treated Jack with meaningful advice, guidance and respect in all aspects of this investigation. He is a tribute to outstanding training within the NCHP and I wanted his supervisors to know that I appreciated his help in dealing with this unfortunate situation. He calmed the scenario in a very professional manner and displayed a welcome sense of humor. His actions are a tribute to and should make us all proud of the NCHP force and I wish that all Troopers and other police officers were as good as Trooper Porter. Bravo Zulu to you and your team! Paul F. Newport

Trooper T.S. Buie I just want to commend this Trooper on both the professionalism and compassion he exhibited while investigating my accident late Jan. 23/early Jan. 24. I felt like he GENUINELY cared for my well being and was very kind and courteous throughout the whole encounter. We need more OFFICERS from ALL agencies like Trooper Buie. Please tell him THANK YOU for me! Tracey C. - Lexington

Trooper J.A. Edwards Troop H Unfortunately my company was involved in a CMV crash near Maxton, NC on 1/22/14 and on behalf of Edwards Wood Products Inc. Transportation, I would like to send a note of Thank You to your Troopers who handled the scene, they performed their job in a professional manner… Best regards, Tim B. -- Marshville

Trooper T. D. Darnell Jr. Mr Darnell went above the call of duty to ensure my wife and daughter were safe and warm that we were taken somewhere safe to await a ride home. I know some of these things are his job but I felt his true concern for our well being. This trooper represents what a trooper should be. Thank you, Don C. - Charlotte

Sgt. M.L. Hahn in King, NC & Trooper Re: Stopping a white SUV between 3:30-4:00 on Maple Hollow or Red Brush Road. Sgt. Hahn helped me realize that a trooper was just doing his duty in my parking lot earlier today. What I interpreted as rudeness was simply in the interest of all concerned. Yet, in my defense, I was worried about my elderly customers since about 75% of them use the entrance he was blocking. I do apologize to Sgt. Hahn & the trooper in question. With the accident out here last week and with losing 1/4 of my family in accidents, I anticipate them too much now. I do apologize for overreacting. I commend you both for the job that you do in keeping our roads safe. Dena D. – Mount Airy

Trooper J.D Nobles I had a head on car wreck on this day a lady passed away I fell asleep at the wheel but the Trooper Nobles was a very courteous respectful easy to talk to trooper where as other one's I have talked to wasn't so easy to be that way with. He is a very good asset to the NCHP IF he still works for them. Joshua K

Troopers: C.J. Lewis, B.R. Philips, T.L. Maness, E.S. Wyrick, J.A. Miller, A.M. Smith, A.J. Smith, First Seargent T.W. Pope, Administrative Assistant Nancy Collins Once again I would like to commend members of the Highway Patrol in Wilmington. The men and women under Troy Pope's leadership are among the best ANYWHERE. Each year on the anniversary of my son's death as a result of a DWI accident I hold a vigil at the crash site. Members of this troop have been there for my family from the very beginning of this tragedy and their unwavering support has been an enormous part of getting through this nightmare. The above mentioned personnel attended the vigil this year not only to support me and my family, but provided safe passage for all of the attendees. I can't say enough about these fine individuals and as a group. I commend these fine ladies and gentlemen. Mike R. -- Wilmington


Trooper R. J. Absher Yesterday I had a diabetic episode while driving on 540E. Though my driving reflected that of an intoxicated driver, Officer Absher approached my vehicle in a professional manner and immediately summoned medical help as well as retrieving personal cookies from his patrol car to help me till medics arrive. My blood sugar levels were approaching coma stage. I would like to thank Officer Absher for all his assistance and professional actions. If at his convenience if he could call me at cell number so that I may personally thank this young man is a true credit to the State Police force. Gerard W. -- Cary

Trooper Name: Don't know I was driving an old military (5-ton) truck newly purchased from Fayetteville home to VA and blew a tire at mile marker 99 on highway 95 north. The state trooper stopped within 5 min and was VERY helpful. He did not leave until a repair truck was on the way. Please thank him for us. David T. -- Yale, VA

Trooper D.C. Justice This is both an apology and a thank you. Officer Justice stopped me pulling into my yard for a failure to yield. When he told me I disagreed with him and asked him to save the video. My daughter (13) was in the yard at the time. At the time I said "I think I had plenty of room" After Officer Justice left with giving me a warning I went into the house and that's when I realized a number of things. What if my truck had stalled or any number of other issues had occurred? I do not have the right to take other peoples safety for granted. I have always preached to my children things like leave room for errors, situational awareness and other things that a good parent should. Now I am going to teach them another lesson that is when you are wrong make amends. To which I would sincerely like to apologize to Officer Justice for disagreeing with him. The second part is to also thank him for caring enough about others to do the thankless job he does and for having the patience to deal with people like me. This is the second time in my life where I have learned something valuable from a NC State Trooper the first was Trooper Williams who asked me to promise to wear my seat belt almost 15 yrs ago and to this day I do faithfully and the second is Officer Justice with being more cautious when turning and being more considerate of others safety . Again Thank you both. Earl K. -- Burlington

Trooper T.C. Hamby I'd like to personally thank trooper for assisting me early this morning as I was transiting towards home after a full 10-hr shift at a.p.d. As I exited off I-40 to Sugar Hill Rd, my van was running out of gas and I was trying to make the Murphy lube & express for a fill up! As I rolled out down the exit ramp, the light, which had changed from red to green with 1 vehicle ahead changed as I was 15 - ft from the intersection of the ramp and sugar hill. I braked to make the turn and that braking resulted in the light changing to red right as I reached the ramps end! Had I tried to brake abruptly to stop, I would have skidded into the intersection as well as scattered all my gear throughout the interior of my vehicle. I proceeded through the light and was stopped by Trooper Hamby who was totally professional and understanding that I was low on fuel and trying to avoid getting stuck on the ramp and sputtering out with a killed engine! He checked my credentials and verified my story and viewed my fuel gauge which was extremely below the red line! He allowed me to proceed to the station for gas without further delay, and with only a aoc- Cr500w. I appreciate his reasoning, understanding of the situation, and discretion in utilizing his own judgement to evaluate the action and my determination to try and make the short timed light without placing any one or any other vehicle in any potential danger. Trooper Hamby is to be commended for his assistance in this matter! Keith W. -- Marion

Trooper B.K. Wyatt and Sergeant M.P. Henley I just wanted to tell someone in Raleigh what two of your troopers did for the 24th district. We had our annual Shop with a Cop and the listed troopers made us so proud. They were awesome. And showed so much compassion in helping us with the kids. I hope that Raleigh keeps turning out Troopers like these guys. Thank you!!! Chief Bill Summerlin -- Spruce Pine

Trooper M.L. Denny On the evening of December 7th, I was driving home from Virginia International Raceway to the Camp Lejeune area. I was with three friends, driving on Efland Cedar Grove Rd at the intersection of SR 86 when we struck a deer. The deer did extensive damage to the vehicle, to the point where it was obviously not in any sort of condition to make the 200 mile trek back to Onslow County. Trooper Denny was the officer that responded, and I am very proud to say that I have never had an experience with a public safety officer like I had with Trooper Denny. I have worked in public safety as a firefighter for 17 years, and currently work on a federal installation as a Firefighter/EMT. I hope to have the compassion and willingness to help someday that Trooper Denny displayed on this night. His professionalism and courtesy were well above and beyond the call of his duty. We had no points of contact within several hours that could help us as we were stranded on the side of the road in 30 degree weather. Trooper Denny stood by and ensured that the vehicle was towed. He then ensured that the tow truck could take two of the occupants to a warm place in town to get out of the cold. He then gave myself and the other occupant a ride to RDU which was well out of his way, so that we could obtain a rental car and make the trek home. This was very courteous of him, and all four of us are very grateful for his help. Without him we could not have made it home last night. From two Gunnery Sergeants and a retired Sergeant, we thank him for his help, and Semper Fidelis. Jeremy T. -- Hubert

Trooper W.B. Vaughan I just wanted to take a moment to thank Trooper Vaughan for being so nice when helping my husband and I deal with an accident last night. I was really shaken up at the time, but thanks to his calm demeanor, everything was taken care of smoothly. I especially appreciate his taking the time out to make sure we got home safely, by driving us. Jennifer G. -- Raleigh

Trooper S.D. Vaughn On this date, (Dec. 4) my wife and I were stranded on US 64, five miles east of Asheboro. My pickup broke down and we had waited on a tow truck for over an hour. We watched several deputies and one police car drive by without looking back. Trooper Vaughn pulled up and checked on our well-being, then waited with us until the tow truck arrived, loaded our truck and carried us to the Chevy dealer. When my wife travels alone, I'll feel much better knowing SHP will look out for her or any stranded motorist. Please thank him for being on the job last Wednesday. Dennis P. -- Raleigh

Trooper R.E. Bowen (unsure of rank or first name, told my mom he had 25 years in) This trooper stopped to assist my 82-year-old mother today (Dec. 4) when she had a flat tire on Hwy 17 between Edenton and Hertford (northbound), on the way back from Kinston. After changing the tire, he followed her to the VA line to ensure that she would be okay. Since she lives in Chesapeake, that was practically all the way home. I would like to send my thanks to him for his help. If it is possible to get an address for him, she would like to send him a Christmas card. Best Regards, Nancy S. -- Seguin, TX

Trooper R.D. Terry On 11-27-2013 I was traveling on HWY 74 through Robeson Co with my wife when I experienced some mechanical issues with my vehicle. I was stranded over an hour away from my destination and the place my vehicle decided to fail was basically in the middle of nowhere. Not having any idea of where I was, I dialed *HP and connected with SHP communications. I advised the tele-communicator of my situation and was able to give him an idea of my location. He said he would have a Trooper out shortly to assist. My wife was able to contact her father (our final destination) to come and get us. There we were sitting in complete darkness except for the occasional passing car, I then received a phone call from Trp. Terry advising he was in the area and was attempting to locate us. He was able to do so while on the phone with me, and even as a fellow LEO it was quite re-assuring to see those familiar blue lights pulling up behind our vehicle. Even for my wife it was a relief that we had some assistance there with us while we waited for her father to arrive to take us to his house. Trp. Terry was very polite and very helpful as we were able to contact a tow company to come get our vehicle. Even after our ride arrived he was able to stand by for the tow company to ensure both my vehicle and my wife and I, were safely on our way. I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for his professionalism and courtesy he showed both my wife and myself during this memorable thanksgiving trip! Its not very often LEO's get the appreciation they so often deserve, but from one LEO to hats off to you Trp. Terry. Stay safe brother.... C. Stamper

Trooper M.S. McGaugh E231 Trooper McGaugh assisted us when a deer crashed into our vehicle. He was extremely professional and showed concern for our safety. He remained with us until the vehicle was towed and someone arrived to take us home. He may have just been "doing his job," but his demeanor and attitude made the situation much easier to handle. He is to be commended for ensuring our safety and helping alleviate a frightening situation. He is an asset to the NC Highway Patrol. Mary & Boon C. -- Troy

Trooper L.T. Randall I would like to thank trooper Lance Randall for his help this past Sunday (Dec. 1) when my daughter and I had mechanical problems with the car and were stranded in Gastonia. He went far above and beyond the call of duty to help us with the car and help us get back home. Sometimes problems that arise are actually worth it in the end just so one can experience the kindness of strangers. This was certainly one of those occasions. Thank you to him for his help and to the highway patrol for the services you perform every day. Jane L. -- Taylorsville