North Carolina Highway Patrol Retirees' Association


If you have anything you feel is news to be shared with others, please send it to us so we can post it.


Colonel William Grey retired effective January 9, 2017. He was a great Colonel and an asset to the NC Highway Patrol. He was a true friend to all members of the Patrol. We wish him well in whatever he decides to do in the future.


If you are a "roadrunner" (rr) user for the internet e-mail system, you may have noticed that you are not receiving e-mail from the NCSHP.  Or some of their e-mails have shown up in your junk mail.  Roadrunner has decided not to carry mass e-mails for the Patrol.  You may get some and/or miss some.  Make sure to check your junk mailbox.  Others with Yahoo, g-mail, etc. are not effected.  You may wish to continue on with rr or switch to one of the other carriers.  This seems to be a problem not to be resolved in the near future.


Congratulation;  good news.  The State Health Board of Trustees has dropped their proposal to eliminate the 80/20 health plan.  They are going to approve a 2017 plan with little or no changes.  The 70/30 plan has some in deductions.  For a complete review, go to, then Home, then Current News.  Thanks to all the active and retiree associations for the large number of calls and legislative contacts.  Being involved does have a benefit.


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Stay flexible and consider the possibility that you're wrong.

There might be a better way.

Like all weak men, he laid exaggerated stress on not changing one's mind.

W. Somerset Maugham