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Several weeks ago, a trial judge in Gaston County ruled in favor of Retired Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, et al, in the court action suing the State of North Carolina for failing to provide free health care for employees and retirees.  Lake, et al, filed a class action in 2012 stating that the employees of North Carolina had a contract with the state covering their employees with free health benefits.  The state began a health program whereby the employee/retiree had to contribute a certain amount of monies in support of the State Health Program.  That amount depended on the type of coverage, ie; 70/30, 80/20 and dependency.  The court has ruled that the State of North Carolina must reimbursed the employee/retiree based on the amount of monies contributed from the program change inception.  It is estimated that that could be a cost of plus 100 million in the future.  You may read the entire article at treasurer-judge.  As in the Bailey case on retirement benefits, this may be appealed to a higher court or adjusted in settlement. 

The NCHPRA Memorial Plaque being presented to Brinkley Wagstaff, son of deceased Lieutenant D. B. Wagstaff.  Retired First Sergeant W. Myron Gay made the presentation

On Tuesday, 28 March 2017, the drawing for the two rifles that had been offered through the Hall of History was conducted during a SHP retiree's meeting in Clayton.  The first drawing pulled # 0769 with that ticket belonging to Edward Lee.  The second drawing pulled ticket number # 1741 with that ticket belonging to Eddie Lane.  We congratulate the two lucky winners.  The raffle brought over $6,000.00 into the coffers of the Hall of History.  We thank all for their participation. 


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