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The 2014 North Carolina State Highway Patrol Retiree's Day is set for Friday, 17 October 2014.  Festivities begin at 10:00 AM and go through noon.  This is a great time to meet and greet old friends and make new ones.  The Patrol conducts interesting events and offers the opportunity to renew your SHP Retiree ID card.  Family is encouraged to attend.  More information when available.


Attention:  Its that time of the year again for all past and present members of Troop A, Districts 1, 2 and 3 to get together for good food and fellowship.  You are invited to join in this celebration on 4 October 2014 at Bob's BBQ and Seafood Restaurant, US 17 Bypass in Hertford.  Social hour begins at 11:00 AM until noon.  Meal at 12:00 noon.  Seafood, BBQ and Fried Chicken is on the menu.  Get this;  meal with veggies, drink and dessert for $11:00 tax and tip included.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Spouses are encourage to participate (good idea to hold the group to a reasonable level of behavior).  Contact Y. Z. Newberry to confirm attendance by September 10, 2014.  (Cut off date).

Telephone 252.264.2212  E-mail


I visited with retired First Sergeant C. E. "Bud" Gaither on Sunday 10 August 2014.  Bud is residing in an assisted living facility and has been for four years.  We had an interesting visit and got a chance to catch up on a lot of old memories.  On display in his room are Masonic material (Oasis), a 10-42 picture framed and his service badge at time of retirement in Winston-Salem.  He entered service on May 1, 1952 and retired November 30 1988.  Bud went through basic school in the summer of 1951 but had to wait until 1952 for a vacancy in the ranks.  He is in good health and sharp in mind at 87 years young.  I am researching his basic school and gathering information for his review.  He wanted to tell all of his many friends that he said hello and wished everyone well.  His daughter lives in charlotte and looks after his every need.

Bud is currently residing in the Brighton Gardens Assisted Living Facility, 6000 Park South Drive, Charlotte, NC 28210.  


Finally:  Senate Bill 744, Appropriation Act for 2014 provides for a 1 per cent COLA for state retirees.  The House of Representatives has agreed to the final Senate version.  Several readings (votes) will occur over the next few days and the final fiscal budget for 2014-2015 should be complete.  Should be effective from 1 July 2014.


Subject: Account for Noah Katzenberger- Son of Sergeant J. P. Katzenbeger, B-123 The correspondence below from First Sergeant J. D. Aiken is provided for your information and dissemination to All SHP Users. On 3 July 2014, Noah Katzenberger, fourteen year old son of Sergeant Jake Katzenberger (B123), had emergency surgery. Since his surgery, he has been in the pediatric intensive care department of Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. He has had two major setbacks in his recovery and had another surgery on 18 July 2014. Sergeant Katzenberger and his wife Sherry, who is expecting a baby in five weeks, have been at his bedside from the beginning. Obviously, the bills are mounting up, both from the medical care and from food and gas. In order to help one of our own, an account has been created at the State Employees Credit Union. Donations can be made at any SECU location in the name of “Noah Katzenberger”. Any help would be welcomed and greatly appreciated. Remember to keep those prayers going for the Katzenberger’s as Noah had another emergency surgery performed on Saturday, 19 July 2014!

Thank you again, to everyone, for everything that you have done for and with us. All of our thanks and love, Jake, Sherry, Noah and Bab.


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