North Carolina Highway Patrol Retirees' Association


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At our Spring Conference 2016, Mr. Mark E. Patty gave a presentation on the new tax laws and how this may effect  retirees in the future.  Mr. Patty is following up with that information at the following locations.

1-2 February, Waynesville Sheriff-Capt. Jason Smiley

3 February, Jackson County-Maj. Queen

4 February, Polk County Rescue, Warden Jenkins

7 February, Troop G, Sgt. Harris

8 February, District Office Marion, Linda

9 February, Morganton District Office, F/Sgt Joines

10 February, Lenoir and Hickory Office, Williams and Swagger

11 February, Statesville District Office, Sgt. Fleming

15-16 February, Salisbury, Troop E, F/Sgt. Pace

16 February, Lexington District Office, Sgt. Abernathy

17-18 February, Greensboro, W-Salem Districts Office, F/Sgt Daniel and F/Sgt Brown

21 February, Hendersonville District Office, Brent Hipps

25 February, Rutherfordton Sheriff Office, Jeff Buchanan

For further information, on these dates and possible other dates, contact Mark at  


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