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You have received or will receive in a few days an article concerning your State Health Plan.  Several important parts of our overall plan has changed for 2017.  First, the Humana option has been dropped and United Healthcare (UHC) and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) will be the two options available.  The BCBS will still make available their 70/30 plan.   UHC continues to offer the Basic plan, free to a single retiree but with premiums for dependents.  The UHC Advantage plan basically stays the same with some exceptions for insulin and other drugs.  Express Scripts has been dropped and CVS Caremark has been added.  In the article, there is no mention of Optimum RX.  There appears to be some increase in some areas while a decease in cost in others.  The open enrollment runs from October 1-31, 2016.  We will continue to ask questions and will post updates as they become available.  We have over sixty days to make an informed decision.



For all the "old retired patrolmen" that were responsible for registration, insurance and stolen vehicles in the 50's and 60's, you'll be sad to learn of the death of Foy Ingram.  Foy died Saturday, 19 March 2016.  I had the pleasure of working with her during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.  We were tasked with finding, tracking and identifying Cuban immigrants or hostiles in the vicinity of Morehead City, Fort Bragg, Raleigh and a few other critical areas of the state that might be subject to a missile attack.  Miss Ingram was appointed to the position of Director of DMV Registration Division in 1946.  She served in that capacity until her retirement in 1970.  More amazing than her service to the state was her longevity in life.  Born in 1903, Foy was 112 years young at the time of her death.  Her sister, Anna Land, age 101, survives and enjoys good health.  Foy remained active after retirement and once said "the secret to a long life was, don't marry, don't have children and don't smoke".  She was a "tough" administrator but a very kind and gentle person.  I'll always remember Foy telling Colonel Dave Lambert how to run the Highway Patrol.  He always took her advice.


Deceased retired Patrolman Clarence L. Swartz. Troop B, District 6, was honored on 10 March 2016 when the State of North Carolina named the Bradley Creek Bridge on US 74, New Hanover County in his name.  Representatives from the State Highway Patrol, Department of Transportation and many retirees attended the bridge dedication.  This is the first highway/bridge dedication so honored to a member of the Patrol that did not die in the line of duty.


If you are a "roadrunner" (rr) user for the internet e-mail system, you may have noticed that you are not receiving e-mail from the NCSHP.  Or some of their e-mails have shown up in your junk mail.  Roadrunner has decided not to carry mass e-mails for the Patrol.  You may get some and/or miss some.  Make sure to check your junk mailbox.  Others with Yahoo, g-mail, etc. are not effected.  You may wish to continue on with rr or switch to one of the other carriers.  This seems to be a problem not to be resolved in the near future.


Congratulation;  good news.  The State Health Board of Trustees has dropped their proposal to eliminate the 80/20 health plan.  They are going to approve a 2017 plan with little or no changes.  The 70/30 plan has some in deductions.  For a complete review, go to, then Home, then Current News.  Thanks to all the active and retiree associations for the large number of calls and legislative contacts.  Being involved does have a benefit.


           Make a decision, But always keep your mind open.

Stay flexible and consider the possibility that you're wrong.

There might be a better way.

Like all weak men, he laid exaggerated stress on not changing one's mind.

W. Somerset Maugham